Sant Antoni, as well as being Ibiza Feeling Hotels home, is the best place to watch the world- famous Sunset in Ibiza.
During the summer season the position of the sun is ideal to enjoy this magical moment, looking far out into the Mediterranean Sea where it is confounded the bright horizon and rays of the sunlight. Watching the sunset has become kind of a ritual, where hundreds of tourists and locals erupt in applause with this gift from nature. There are some special places to live this experience and in Ibiza Feeling we want to help you discover them.

The most famous place is Ses Variades promenade, where Café del Mar and Café Mambo are located. Sounds familiar? Besides these famous bars there are several terraces, cafes and pubs where you can live the sunset experience with a cocktail in your hand. To reach Ses Variades, departing from The Red Hotel takes 15 minutes and it is a delightful ride along the sea shore, enjoying the views of Sant Antoni Bay.

Another special place is Caló des Moro beach, a very little cove located at the end of the promenade. Beside its charm, it is a wonderful place to watch the sunset and admire the views over the sea. The sun hides behind the horizon of Sant Antoni Bay, next to a little island called Sa Conillera. Lying on the sand, on the wooden platforms, or from The Golden Buddha bar you can enjoy the sunset. The latter is a meeting point for locals during the winter and a haven of peace in summer. Finally, Aquarium de Cap Blanc is our last recommendation. It is a Centre for the protection of marine species, where you can drink a cold beer and enjoy the fantastic views. In addition, you can see marine species from the Mediterranean Sea. You will find Aquarium de Cap Blanc if you continue walking from Calo des Moro along the sea side.