What are the reception hours?

The Red Hotel and The Purple Hotel receptions are open 24 hours. If your stay is at The White Apartments or The Blue Apartments you have to go to the reception of The Red Hotel.


What is the usual check-in, and check-out times for the hotels and apartments?

As a general rule, the rooms may be used starting at 4 pm on the day of check-in and must be released before noon on the day of check-out.
Always depending on availability, our reception staff will try to make your room available as soon as possible and if needed, will offer the option to extend your check out a few hours more with an additional charge.


Should I inform the hotel if I will be arriving late?

Our receptions are open 24 hours and your room is guaranteed even if you arrive after midnight. Should for any reason your arrival at the hotel be a day late (flight cancellation, etc.) we recommend you let us know to not cancel the reservation and thus avoid having your room assigned to other customers.


What documents do I need to show at the hotel?

At the establishment’s reception, you must show everybody on the reservation your ID card or passport. It is not mandatory to hand in the reservation confirmation document, however, it may be useful to have a copy on your mobile for instance, for any clarification.



There is access to wireless internet in all common areas and rooms of the hotels and apartments, all free of any additional charge. In the lobby of The Red Hotel and The Purple Hotel, you will find devices with access to free internet.


Does the hotel offer transfer services to/from the airport

The hotel does not provide transportation services. A taxi from the airport to our hotel is approximately 35 euros per ride. You may also arrive from the airport on a direct bus (Line 9), you may view all schedules on ibizabus.com


What to do with my luggage before check-in and after checking out?

If your stay is at The White Apartments or The Blue Apartments, luggage both upon your arrival and departure must be taken to the reception of The Red Hotel which has a room to leave customers’ luggage free of charge. If your stay will be at The Purple Hotel or The Red Hotel there is a room where you may leave your luggage free of charge.


Is there a hairdryer in the rooms?

All the rooms in The Red Hotel, The Purple Hotel and The White Apartments have a hairdryer.
In the case of The Blue Apartments, if the customer requires a dryer they must contact reception and ask for one. The customer will have to pay a 10 euro refundable deposit at reception.


Does the hotel have parking?

At The Purple Hotel, we have a private car park at a special price for guests who have booked directly on our website (www.ibizafeeling.com). The price per day is 5 euros for cars and 3 euros for motorbikes.
And for other clients of The Purple Hotel who want to use the car park, the daily price is 10 euros for cars and 6 euros for motorbikes.

For the rest of our hotels and apartments, we, unfortunately, do not have parking. There is public parking where you may park your vehicles some 200-300 metres from the hotels, close to the bus station, and also fee-paying parking options within 5 minutes walking distance.


What is the breakfast schedule?

Every day from 8:30 to 11:30 AM for guests who have breakfast included in their reservation at The Red Hotel.
For guests staying at The Purple, Hotel breakfast is served every day from 9:00 to 1:00 PM.
You may choose from our breakfast menu (Continental, English, etc.) plus beverages: coffee, tea and juice.


Is breakfast included in my booking?
On our site, you can book a delicious A la Carte Breakfast for your stay. If you are not sure about having breakfast every day, you can book it at the reception at the same price.
Our Breakfast is 8,50 euros per person and day at The Red Hotel, and 8,00 euros per person and day at The Purple Hotel. We are offering only A la Carte Breakfast, there is no Buffet Breakfast available on our properties.


How many times a week are the sheets changed?

Sheets in the rooms as well as in the studios or apartments are changed every four days or twice per week.


What is the difference between a studio and an apartment?

The main difference is that the studio has only one living room, whilst the apartment has two since it has a separate bedroom.


Do the studios and apartments have a kitchen? What do they include?

All studios and apartments of the hotel chain have a small kitchen, kettle and basic kitchenware to be able to cook. They also include a refrigerator and microwave oven.


Is there a refrigerator in the rooms?

At The Purple Hotel, The Blue and The White Apartments we do have mini-fridges.

At The Red Hotel, there is only a mini-fridge in the premium rooms: panoramic, sea view and double couples rooms. For the rest of the rooms, we offer the possibility of renting a mini-fridge. You may ask for more information upon your arrival at the reception.


Do the hotel rooms and apartments come with sheets and towels?

Yes, both have sheets and towels. However, towels may not be used outside the hotel or apartment facilities.


Are there towels for the pool/beach?

The receptions have a pool/beach towel service at no additional charge. You will have to pay a 10 euro refundable deposit at reception.


How may we book a room?

To book a room, you may do this directly online or by calling our reservation centre at +34 971 34 36 14.

In both cases, the prices and conditions offered will be the same.


Do you accept group reservations?

We do not accept group reservations at our hotels and apartments.
For more information contact our reservations office.

What are the payment methods?

Guests may pay for their bookings with cash or with a Visa or MasterCard to their name.

American Express payments are only available at The Purple Hotel.

What to do if the cardholder is someone else?

If the customer wishes to pay with someone else’s card they will have to send an authorization to make the charge to the cardholder’s name, a copy of their ID card/Passport and a copy of the front of the card to our reservation’s office (reservations@ibizafeeling.com).


Will my reservation be made securely?

Ibiza Feeling Group uses all the most advanced security measures to ensure your online reservation is carried out most safely.


When must the reservation be paid for?

In either case, the total amount of the reservation will be paid for upon the customer’s arrival at the hotel.


What are the cancellation policies for a reservation?

Anticipated cancellation of a reservation made on www.ibizafeeling.com will not generate any expense for the customer, as long as it is carried out 24 hours before the arrival date at the hotel. In case the customer decides to cancel the day before after 4:00 pm or during the arrival date, the amount of the first night will be charged. If the customer decides not to show up at the hotel without previous notice, the same cancellation expenses detailed above will be charged.

For bookings made on any other website, that website terms and conditions will be applied.


What to do to amend my reservation

In case the customer wants to modify a booking carried out previously through our website (www.ibizafeeling.com), they will be able to do it at no additional charge up to 24 hours before the arrival date at the hotel, depending on availability at that time. Just contact our reservations office. The initial price of the reservation may change, and existing rates at the time of the modification will apply.


How do I know if my hotel reservation has been successfully confirmed?

Once the booking process has been finalised, a confirmation number will appear on your screen and you will receive an email with the summary of the reservation.


Can I pay the reservation before arriving?

Yes. You may contact the reservation office and from there we shall indicate the different options available to pay for the reservation before your arrival. You may contact us through email at reservations@ibizafeeling.com or calling +34 971 34 36 14.


Are pets allowed?

Only The Purple Hotel accepts pets. We will provide your pet in the room with a bed and food bowl.
The extra price for the accommodation of the pet in the room is 15 euros per night with a minimum of 25 euros.


What does “best available rate” mean?

If in the 24 hours following your reservation at www.ibizafeeling.com you find a cheaper* rate at another website, call us at +34 971 34 36 14 or send us an email to reservations@ibizafeeling.com along with the link that verifies the price difference. After verifying the rate we will modify your reservation instantly.


* To apply for this guarantee, the conditions on the other website must coincide with the arrival and departure dates, the number of rooms, number of guests, type of room, terms of payment, cancellation policies and included meals (besides taxes).

What is the ECO-TAX or TOURIST TAX

The ECO-TAX is a tax or tourist tax used by some public institutions (city councils, autonomous communities, regions, etc.) as a source of funding destined to promoting tourism or preservation of the environment.

The eco-tax is not included in the price of our reservations made through our website (2,20 euros per person and night), because the current legislation (Law 2/2016, 20th March) requires that such tax must be collected by the hotel establishments at the arrival of the guests.

Who is required to pay said tax?

Everybody who stays (guests under 16 years of age are exempt), even residents of the Balearic Islands.

When are our customers required to pay the tax?

Upon arrival at the hotel at check-in, our reception staff will show you the relevant documentation, in order to pay the tax prior to your entry.