4 Floors with 40 Apartments

Information Contact

The Blue Apartments
Ramón y Cajal, 1
07820 Sant Antoni, Ibiza
T. +34 971 343 614


We offer luggage storage service for your departure day, please contact our reception staff.

Internet Wi-Fi

The White Apartments offer Wi-Fi internet connection with coverage in all studios and apartments.

Lost and Found

In case you forget or lose some object in our apartments, please contact our reception staff.


The reception is open 24h. a day, you can also contact by dialing 971 80 30 98. Our receptionists are available to provide information about the island and to arrange different services inside and outside the hotel: breakfast, safe, Car rental, bus schedules, etc. It will be our pleasure to help you.


You can book or extend your stay according to our availability. To obtain the best available rate, please book at the reception or through our website.

Printer service

We have a printing service. You must send an e-mail with the documentation you wish to print to the address and contact reception.

Credit cards

We accept VISA, Maestro and MasterCard.


If you need directions with Google maps to get to the station click here
For more information contact the reception or through the websiteIbiza Bus

Go to reception to request your taxi. We will take care of everything.

Safe box

Every apartment and studio has a safe inside the closet, free for our clients. For the rest of the apartments and studios the price is 2.50€ per day.
We are not responsible for stolen objects that were not stored in the safe.
For more information contact our reception staff.

How to use the safe box


If you have booked breakfast, please contact with reception to let you know where will it be served.
From 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

Code of conduct

The entrance of any type of animal to the Hotel is completely prohibited.

It is forbidden to smoke in the Hotel, being the guest responsible to guarantee that this prohibition is accomplished in their room. In case that someone has smoked in a room the customer must pay a 250€ penalty fee to the establishment (in concept of deep cleaning). In the event that the customer refuses to pay such such amount, the establishment will terminate his contract without refund of the service provided.

In the rooms of the Hotel it is only allowed to receive visits prior authorization by the hotel which must be obtained by the establishment reception. If this condition were authorized it could be only between 12 and 22 hours.

The Client is responsible to supervise persons under the age of 18 who remain in the Hotel with him.

The Client must behave in the Hotel according to generally accepted good practices and general rules of conduct and public order. The Client shall especially:

Make a properly use of the facilities and furnishings of the Hotel and maintain their status;
Avoid any behavior that could be considered intimidating, offensive, rude or scandalous towards other Clients and Hotel staff;
Abstaining from excessive consumption of alcohol or any other substance that could put at risk the health or integrity of everyone who remains at the establishment.

If the guest does not accomplish any of the previously specified conditions about the Conduct Rules the Provider will terminate the Contract and compel the Client to leave the Hotel immediately. In case that it happens, the Client shall indemnify the damages caused by his illegal conduct.

Apartments and studios

In the apartments and studios you have air conditioning, tv with national and international channels, safe, security lock and amenities for daily use.

Air Conditioner

Your apartment or studio has air conditioning controlled by a thermostat. To operate, you must insert the card into the cardboard box at the entrance of your room. You can control the temperature from the thermostat.

Please note that if you leave the terrace door open and/or the window, the air conditioning will automatically turn off.

Air conditioning operation


The key is coded by magnetic strip, in which the number of your apartment or studio does not appear for security reasons. If you lose it, inform the reception immediately to give you a new key and cancel the previous one.

You should keep the card away from any electronic device, as it may demagnetize and stop working.

Blankets and pillows

If you need any additional blanket or pillow please contact our reception staff.

Mini fridge

You can add a mini fridge to your room for an extra cost. Ask at the reception.


We have irons and ironing boards, ask at the reception.

Room service

We do not have room service. If you wish to purchase any kind of drink or food you can find it in our restaurant or at the Wips Supermarket located right of the hotel which is open 24 hours.


The studios and apartments are cleaned daily from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. During your stay the sheets will be changed from the third night. Towels in the room can not be taken outside the apartments.

Hair dryer

If you need an additional dryer or one with a higher power, please ask at reception.

Wake-up call

We have a wake-up service, contact the reception.


We have national and international channels. The television remote can be found in your room.


At Ibiza Feeling we care about the environment. If you leave the towels on the towel rack we will not change them. If they are on the ground we will change them. You can also make use of our towel service to enjoy our beautiful calas and beaches. Contact our reception staff.

Claim sheets

In Ibiza Feeling there are claim forms at your disposal.

Phones of interest
Reception. 971 80 30 98
Local Police. 971 34 08 30 – 971 34 39 11
Civil Guard. 971 34 05 02
Emergencies. 112
Ambulance. 061
Radio taxi. 971 39 84 83